Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Mankind" by Laurel - Song Released Today

     On her website yesterday, London-based Laurel posted the following:

"Tomorrow is the online release of my new song mankind. I am super excited. I almost feel like its my birthday tomorrow, which is an odd feeling seeing as its already been this month. Thank you to everybody who enjoyed and shared my last song blue blood, I never expected the welcoming that it got, I hope you guys like this one just as much!! Whilst toasting the soundscape of blue blood it is about a very different type of love. Not an easy enjoyable love, but loving somebody that is already taken by another soul. Why are the good ones all taken damn it? Mind you, arguably, the good ones aren’t the ones I usually fall in love with.
Enjoy the song my darlings! It will be uploaded onto my soundcloud at 4pm english time. Do let me know what you think!!

LOOOoooooziiiieeeee xxxx "

     One policy we always follow is to pay attention to announcements that include the term "whilst."
     Laurel's full name is Laurel Arnell-Cullen. Within "Mankind," we enjoy the transitions between the near monotone description of the couple's relationship and the power vocals that evidence the level of emotion (and dissatisfaction) she has for the current situation. The simplicity in the use of the instuments works well within both the low energy and high energy portions.
     "Mankind" by Laurel


     June 16, 2013 update - we are adding another song by Laurel, since we like it more each day we listen to the song - "Blue Blood."

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