Tuesday, May 21, 2013

“Part of the Echoes” and “Enemies” – Song Reviews

     We have professed our attraction for songs with choirs. So, “Part of the Echoes” had a running start toward being the focus of a blog entry. Then, when we tagged it, the song coincidentally landed next to “Enemies.” The two songs are very different, but seemed to belong together.
     The 20th Century had its “Big Band Sound” that was “swing” in the 1920’s and Bebop/jazz in the late 1930's and beyond. In comparison, the term “Big Sound Bands” seems appropriate for “Part of the Echoes” and “Enemies.” The Big Sound Band is not necessarily an ensemble of musicians (like Mother Falcon’s 17 to 21 member performances) and is not the same as a "wall of sound." It's just here-we-are, loud-and-proud power music.
     Oh, and let’s throw in “Love Me Again,” since this blog favors three packs.

      “Part of the Echoes” is a song by Embers, a band based in Manchester, U.K. The song starts strong and includes only momentary breathers, such as the choir-featured portion starting at the 2:00 mark that is followed by an energy-building portion.
     “Part of the Echoes” by Embers

     “Enemies” is majestic at times and subtle at other times. The song is from Pylo, which is also a band based in the U.K. – Bath. The members are Matthew Aldus, James Scott, Richard Gully, Max Blunos, and Johan Jorgensen.
      “Enemies” by Pylo

     “Love Me Again” is presented by John Newman from London. He is associated with the Soul genre, but we are going with “Big Sound Band.” November update: The soundcloud version was taken down, so here is the Youtube video.

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