Friday, May 31, 2013

Deerhunter compared to The Dear Hunter

     In yesterday’s post, we noted the similar vocal sounds of Baptist Generals and Maps & Atlases. Today, we note the phonetic similarity of two band names - The Dear Hunter and Deerhunter. Yes, in print the names relate to entirely different types of "adventures." But only the article “the” distinguishes the two names in a discussion among fans or during an introductin of a song on the radio. We can let others worry about the possibility of confusion, we just judge our appreciations for the music by the two bands.
     Below is a song from each of the bands. Clearly, while the band names have a phonetic equivalence, the styles of the bands are very different.

     "Whisper" by The Dear Hunter

     "Nothing Ever Happened" by Deerhunter

The Dear Hunter
     The website of The Dear Hunter describes its music as "progressive rock." The band is based in Providence, Rhode Island and its members are singer/writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Casey Crescenzo and drummer Nick Crescenzo.  They are preparing to release the album "Migrant."

     Deerhunter is a five-piece indie rock band based in Atlanta, Georgia. The current members of the band are Bradford Cox, Moses Archuleta, Frankie Broyles, Josh McKay and Lockett Pundt. Deerhunter describes its music as "ambient punk."

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