Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bastille – A Concert Opportunity in SF (and LA)

    This is our third 2013 mention of the U.K. band Bastille. The first was a January blog entry, when we praised the “tribal vocals” in the song “Pompeii” (CLICK HERE to access the entry). The second mention was in March, after we discovered that Bastille had teamed with To Kill a King and others in recording “Choices” at Ralph’s Balcony (CLICK HERE to access this second entry and its free download of "Choices"). 

     We recently discovered that Bastille is headed to the U.S. for only a few of days. The band’s website indicates that they will be in Spain on July 20 and the U.K. on July 26, but will make appearances in San Francisco and Los Angeles between those two dates. Now that’s a demanding schedule; we may have to curtail our whining about our schedules (not likely).
     We immediately bought two tickets for the July 22 show at Rickshaw Stop, and then looked for an explanation for the scheduling. The Facebook page of Bastille explains:

To all American people who also happen to like our music... We're massively excited to announce the US-only release of our "HAUNT EP" on May 28. It features "Pompeii", "Bad Blood", "Overjoyed" and "Haunt", and to mark the release we'll be playing two West Coast shows in July and a bigger tour in September. We can't wait to finally release some music and play some gigs in The States.” 
The explanation sounds good for the most part, but the phrase “who happen to like our music” gives the impression that the appreciation is something of an accident.
     Tickets for the SF show at Rickshaw Stop can be purchased at
     The official videos of the four songs that are featured on the US-only release are below.
“Pompeii” – this is our favorite

“Bad Blood”



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