Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beatnik Creative – ATTU and Eliza Shaddad

     Warning: “rambling” is the best word to describe what follows. The first ramble reflects the thought process triggered when we noticed the quality and quantity of talent associated with Beatnik Creative. The processing went something along the lines of:
     It’s odd that until the term “hipster” came into vogue, it was popular to describe yourself as a “hippie,” but no one claimed to be a “beatnik.” In the late 1950s to the mid-1960s, being a beatnik was a lifestyle. The same is true for being a hippie in the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. It is our position that unless you lived one of the lifestyles during the appropriate time period, you cannot be a beatnik or a hippie. We may stand alone in that position, but we stand firm, although it means we will never be able to identify ourselves by either term.
     Who cares, right? We’re not even sure we care. So, moving on…

    Beatnik Creative is based in London. It identifies itself as “a collective of passionate people that supports great, independent music beyond the constraints of their genres, through development, innovation and visual design.” The website of Beatnik Creative is Today, the website features four artists. Because Indie Obsessive tends to do things in blocks of three, three of the artists are identified below.

     When we heard the two songs currently available from ATTU, the "thought balloon" that went with the cartoon image was “Get off the tracks music world, here comes another momentum-gaining train from London.” Two songs with very different approaches – that’s always a good song. Particularly toward the end of “Don’t Sleep,” the tight weaving of vocalization and instrumentation reminds us of the best of New York’s Freelance Whales. On the other hand, “We Are Ordinary People” is a combination of musical preheat (such as at the start, with its quiet vocals and periodic guitar pick) and musical boil over (such as during the near wall of sound at different portions of the song). An album from ATTU lands on September 1. Indie Obsessive is looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks.  
     ATTU is a North London-based four piece comprised of Stefan Antoinette (guitar/vocals), Michelle Antoinette (bass/vocals/synths), Chike Newman (samples/vocals) and Timothy Earl (guitar/synths).  
     “Don’t Sleep” By ATTU

     “We Are Ordinary People” By ATTU

     Eliza Shaddad released the EP “Waters” on June 16, 2014. The title track evidences the vocal strength of Shaddad, as she uses subtle but very effective voice inflections to let listeners know her levels of conviction regarding different statements and to aid the energy surges that occur at various sections within “Waters.”
     “Waters” by Eliza Shaddad

     Turtle is Jon Cooper, a singer/songwriter from Glasgow. His EP “Who Knows” dropped last year (October 2013).
     "Who Knows" by Turtle

     Eliza Shaddad x Turtle – “Driftwood” (Travis Cover)

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