Monday, August 4, 2014

Sticky Fingers – A Band Review

     It’s close to 9,300 miles (15,000 kilometers) from Kingston, Jamaica to Sydney, Australia. Still, the early work of the Sydney band Sticky Fingers relied heavily upon the Reggae beat. And the song “Caress Your Soul” was particular enjoyable. The song isn’t Reggae from start to finish, but the influence is undeniable within the chorus.
     Based upon a small sampling size, Sticky Fingers is separating itself from Jamaica. “Just for You” hit Soundcloud about a month ago. It features more screaming guitar more than any element of the Reggae sound. Sticky Fingers is adapt in the continent of Psychodelic Rock and the continent of Reggae.  
     The members of Sticky Fingers ("STIFI") are Dylan Frost (vocals and guitar), Paddy Cornwall (bass and vocals), Seamus Coyle (lead guitar), Beaker Best (drums), and Freddy Crabs (keys and synth).

     “Caress Your Soul” by Sticky Fingers

     “Just for You” by Sticky Fingers (the band is currently offering the song as a free download - CLICK HERE)

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