Saturday, August 16, 2014

EDITSELECT and other Multi-Key Computer Commands

     It’s certainly no secret that Alt-J selected its name based on the “coolness factor” that a triangle (the math symbol for “delta”) is formed when the Alt and J keys are simultaneously depressed on a Mac keyboard. But Alt-J doesn’t hold a monopoly on selecting a band name on the basis of computer commands.
     Truth is, we are only assuming that EDITSELECT is a name based on useful commands for a computer program. If the assumption is flawed, let us know.  EDITSELECT is an Indie band from South East London. The members are Matthew Stolworthy, Helena Long, Charlie Creese and Sam Ayling. Our song of preference is “Lungs,” because we enjoy the guitar/percussion interaction at the start and the band vocals later in the song. But “Our Love is Tropical” is certainly worthwhile. 
     “Lungs” by EDITSELECT (Note: at times the band name is shown as EDIT/SELECT) 

     “Our Love is Tropical” by EDITSELECT

     Select All Delete Save As is undeniably a name that is based on computer commands, but not ones that are simultaneously executed. The band started as the British duo of Anthony Walker and Terry Emm, but the female voice in “Modern Life Is War” belongs to Rachael McVay.
     “Modern Life Is War” by Select All Delete Save As

     Delete Delete is an Auckland, New Zealand band that is heavy on the synth/guitar combination. The three members are Lani Purkis, Chris van de Geer and Kurt Shanks.
     “Between The Lines” by Delete Delete

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