Friday, August 8, 2014

They’re Gonna Crucify Me

     It’s only a few hours before the start of the local musical festival, Outside Lands in San Francisco. So, it is odd that during this period of heightened anticipation, Indie Obsessive goes a little dark. But we enjoyed hearing “Crucifixion” by Glasgow’s Tijuana Bibles, when it happened to be at the top of today’s playlist, so…

     Below are three songs in different genres that were written in different decades. What brings them together in a blog post is that each contains the lyric “They’re gonna crucify me.” The first two heavily rely upon the statement for the song’s message. The third only contains a quick garbled use of the phrase, but Indie Obsessive prefers to do things in groups of three, so… 

     The Tijuana Bibles are not based in Tijuana. They are a Neo-Psychedelic Rock band in Glasgow, Scotland. The members are Tony Costello, Behn Cross, Mikey Dornan and
James Brannigan.
     “Crucifixion” by Glasgow’s Tijuana Bibles,

     “The Ballad of John and Yoko”

     “Albert Camus” by Titus Andronicus
     The lyrics start:
"Running around
This run-down, one-horse town
One of these days
They're gonna crucify me"

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