Monday, August 18, 2014

Visiting Old Friends - Racing Glaciers, Prawn and Amber Run

     With a title that includes the term “obsessive,” this blog should embrace the desire to return to bands that were previously featured. But for some reason, we resist that desire. Today, the resistance breaks down, primarily because a band we like (Racing Glaciers) released a song (“Animal”) that is even better than their earlier work. “Animal” was delayed more than once, but it arrived today.
     This is the fifth visit of Racing Glaciers to Indie Obsessive. Although other instruments provide support “Animal” starts with a reliance on the skills of lead singer and pianist Tim Monaghan. He delivers. Then, at the 1:06 mark, Danny Thorpe (guitar), Simon Millest (guitar), Matt Scheepers (bass) and Matt Welch (drums) take a step forward. Unlike other songs from Racing Glaciers, Scheepers’ trumpet never takes center stage.    
     “Animal” by Racing Glaciers

     In an earlier post, a song from the band Prawn was compared favorably to a hit by Silversun Pickups. “Glass, Irony” has no resemblance to anything from Silversun Pickups. The versatility of Prawn is apparent. And “Glass, Irony” does let the trumpet take a significant role (after the 2:30 mark).
     Prawn is a band from Ridgewood, New Jersey. The members are Tony Clark (guitar and vocals), Jamie Houghton (drums), Kyle Burns (guitar and vocals), Ryan McKenna (bass and misc.) and Corey Davis (bass and misc.).
     “Glass, Irony” by Prawn

     Amber Run returns for a fourth visit. Their most recent song is “Pilot.” Lyrically, the song begins like Carole King’s “Sweet Seasons,” with the statement “Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.” But “Pilot” then tells us that you’re never forced to choose, while King asserts that most times you choose between the two. More importantly, “Pilot” is more diverse and more textured than the Carole King hit.
     The video for “Pilot” is a continuation of the somewhat disturbing video of “I Found.” Both videos are embedded below.
     “Pilot” by Amber Run

“I Found” 


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