Saturday, August 23, 2014

Layered Vocalization – Small Wonder and Stuart Newman

     The common feature for the two songs of this post is the layering of vocals. It is the care in arranging the layering and the quality in the execution that set these two songs apart from the many that unsuccessfully use repeating lyrics to engage listeners (dating back to at least 1980, when Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band released the otherwise strong track “Against the Wind”).

     Small Wonder is the performance name of Henry Crawford, who is based in Brooklyn. The female voice belongs to Susannah Cutler. The layering occurs at the 4:43 mark, but there is plenty to enjoy during those first four plus minutes.
     “Until I Open My Wings” by Small Wonder

     Stuart Newman identifies his hometown as South Coast, UK. In his song “One Big F,” the vocal layering dominates the second half of the track.
     “One Big F" by Stuart Newman

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