Tuesday, August 26, 2014

“Carry Oceans” by Montoya – A Song Review

     It is difficult to learn anything about Montoya. The information on the band’s website is minimal – “Yo, our name is Montoya.” Their Facebook page identifies Paris, France as a hometown. We received an alert from member Cécilla Bonnet and evidence indicates that a second member is Hugo Rattoray.
      But it’s the music that matters, and the first offering from Montoya makes this an Indie group to follow. The song is “Carry Oceans.” The vocals are exceptional. The production includes the “little touches” that often make the big difference, such as the bursts of humming that first appear at the 0:47 mark.
     Indie Obsessive is already looking forward to hearing the next release from Montoya.
     "Carry Oceans" by Montoya

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