Saturday, August 9, 2014

What We Determined on Day One of the Outside Lands Festival

     Indie Obsessive keeps its festival coverage low key, because the reality is that most readers just don’t care for a long festival review. But here are some data points of broader interest:
      1. Purchasing resale tickets is becoming increasingly more risky, even if the purchase is through a high profile resale company that takes precautions against deceptive transactions. On the first day of the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco, there was no shortage of stories about disappointed music lovers who paid almost twice the face value of a ticket, only to be turned away. Purchasing through Stubhub was not a safeguard. Clearly, with a high markup per ticket (15% of the sellers income and an additional 5% increase from the point of view of the buyer), it is in the best interest of Stubhub to get this mess cleaned up. But that won’t be easy.

      2. Festivals offer a unique experience. In the first two hours of the festival, we were able to see:
a. A Pop band, Night Terrors of 1927, that was more energy-infused than expected;
b, A Hip-Hop group, Aer, that put on a good show;
c. A Jazz/Funk/Hip-Hop band, The Soul Rebels, that was very entertaining; and
d. A Bluegrass group, Greensky Bluegrass, that “killed.”
 And then the festival got even better.

     3. Kayne West remains obnoxious, although not as bad as when he lectured us at Bonnaroo. Still, he is a spectacle that draws the crowds (although we doubt his statement that the young attendees will be telling their kids about attending his show).

Greensky Bluegrass
Bear Hands in the Soundwave Tent
If anyone knows her name, please comment below.

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