Monday, March 23, 2015

Broken Back - Gotta Respect the Stated Attitude

     The EP of Broken Back dropped this week. Broken Back is the performance name of Jérôme Fagnet, a singer/songwriter in Paris, France. A couple of months ago we featured the song “Halcyon Birds.” The EP includes another song we enjoy, “Happiest Man on Earth.” Truthfully, while the song has a lot going for it, we may not have posted it, but we love the release message on the Facebook page of Broken Back. We pasted the message below. [Hey, Jérôme! Indie Obsessive wishes you well.]

 Hey! Indie Lovers!
After months of work and crazy moments, I’m so excited to announce you that my debut EP “Dear Misfortune Mother of Joy” is out now!
From now on, you can, if you wish so, listen to it, grab it, share it, comment it, or just download it, legally or not…
To me, the only true victory would be to have these four songs echoing in your heads for the next few weeks…
What really matters is what you’ll think of it.
Everything else is superfluous.
Now tell me, do you like it?

     “Happiest Man on Earth” by Broken Back

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