Sunday, March 8, 2015

Folks We Oughta Know – The March Version

     Indie Obsessive has never felt better about a post dedicated to the Indie Folk genre. Within past posts entitled “Folks We Oughta Know,” individual artists have stood out as bands we strongly recommend. But the past posts cannot compete with the overall strength of the bands in this one.
     Jack Savoretti is a solo singer/songwriter with close connections to both Italy and England. He released his fourth studio album in 2015. Among the songs on the album “Written In Scars” is “Tie Me Down.” After a short gravel-voiced intro, the song picks up the energy and declares “No man was born to be locked up; no man was born to not be free.” “Tie me down; I’ll go wild.” Hey, we’ve got an anthem going on here - a good one.   
      “Tie Me Down” by Jack Savoretti

     Winter 1982 is a duo from Birmingham, UK. We can’t confirm their last names, but the members are Phil Barber (lead vocals and guitar) and Luke Phillips (vocals, piano, bass and guitar). The song “Friend” has some of the elements that we enjoy in the music of To Kill a King.
     “Friends” by Winter 1982

      PigPen Theatre Co. is based in New York. The website of the band declares, “We’re a theatre company. And a band.” The members are Alex Falberg, Arya Shahi, Ben Ferguson, Curtis Gillen, Daniel Weschler, Matthew Nuernberger and Ryan Melia.
     PigPen Theatre Co. scheduled a tour that will include visits to The Independent in San Francisco (May 26) and The Catalyst (May 27). 
     “Weathervane” by PigPen Theatre Co.

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