Thursday, March 19, 2015

Music from Oslo Norway

     Oslo should be added to the list of locations that generate a much greater volume of music than the population would seem to support. And like Iceland, another location on the list, music isn’t limited to a characteristic sound. It’s possible (likely?) that a number of the bands relocate to Oslo from other parts of Norway or are only in Olso during recording sessions. Even so, the volume defies reasonable expectations.

     Starting with a genre that is self-identified as “Melodramatic Popular,” there is Pony the Pirate, which is the trio of Joakim Johannessen, Kristian Notland Harnes and Kurt André Aase. 
     Pony the Pirate released “Dangerous” in February 2015. Currently, they are offering the song as a free download.

     Switching genres, Vonheim is a guitar-driven Rock band with some elements in common with Muse. Vonheim asks and its music answers the question “What happens when five guys from different musical constellations, fuelled with willpower and conviction, come together, leave everything behind and introduce a concept of studio anarchy?” The vocals are those for frontman Erlend Vesteraas, and the other members are Mats Wennerberg (guitar), Ståle Gilberg (guitar), Trond R. Rasmussen (drums) and Kjetil Gilberg (bass).
     "Dig a Hole" by Volheim - another free download, at least as of this post.

     Whales & This Lake bring Electronica to the post. Their Facebook page identifies the genre as “Hvalpop,” which we can’t disagree with (since it’s a term we like but don’t understand). The members are Anders Søvik, Hjelden Hans Olav Settem and Max Peder Brekke. 
     Sahara Blind” by Whales & This Lake - yet another free download (thank you Koke Plate)

     Simen Mitlid is a singer/songwriter. Our favorite track from Mitlid is “Thoughts” (yes, it's free also).

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