Tuesday, March 31, 2015

“Cruel Intentions” by Chloe Black – A Song Review

     It’s tempting to assume that all up-and-coming artists have a scaled down sound, because each “frill” and each “wrinkle” increases the cost of generating a song. But there are exceptions, and one is named Chloe Black. She forcefully entered the blogosphere with the release of “27 Club,” the song about the oddity of so many well-known musicians passing away at the age of twenty seven (for a list of members of the 27 Club, CLICK HERE). Today, with the release of “Cruel Intentions,” Black showed that she will remain a force.
      “Cruel Intentions” almost seamlessly varies between two fundamentally different approaches in describing the end of a relationship. The transitions are almost seamless because the power of Chloe Black's voice pulls the two approaches together.  During one approach, the vocals are somber and reflective, with minimal support. This is the case at the start of the song, “I won’t try to defend all of my crazy; I don’t know if you’d understand.” But the lead vocals in other segments of “Cruel Intentions” are supported by thunderous percussion and driving backing vocals.

     “Cruel Intentions” by Chloe Black

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