Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wolf Alice – Both a Past and an Upcoming SF Concert Opportunities

     Last Friday (March 13), Wolf Alice visited San Francisco. The venue was Rickshaw Stop, where The Moth and the Flame presented an eye opening performance before Wolf Alice stepped onto the stage. In fact, The Moth and the Flame were so strong that we intend to dedicate a separate post to the band.
     Who are those guys?” That was the question that Paul Newman and Robert Redford kept asking each other during the 1969 classic “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” And it was the question we kept asking ourselves as Wolf Alice released songs over the last ten months. Sure, we first blogged about the band in mid-2013, but the early start wasn’t an advantage in considering the recent music. As the name implies, there’s a melodic and vocal gentleness to the song “Heavenly Creatures” (the lyrics are less gentle). That didn’t foreshadow the heavy shoegaze or the simulated primal screams toward the end of “We’re Not the Same.” And neither of those songs prepared us for the Punk approach of the latest release, “Giant Peach.” Who are those guys?

     Then, we watched the video of Wolf Alice at radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, Ca (embedded below) and stopped asking questions long enough to grab two tickets to see the band at Rickshaw Stop. Wolf Alice did not disappoint. The members of the London band are Ellie Roswell (vocals, guitar), Joel Amey (drums), Joff Oddie (guitar), and Theo Ellis (bass). Oddie’s performance on the guitar was special, particularly during the shoegaze movements.  And the vocals of Roswell were even better than anticipated, never mind that she walked onto the stage dressed appropriately for an interesting night with a “significant other” (not wedding-night bedtime wear, but certainly sexy).
     Wolf Alice is at SXSW on the day this is posted. After a return to the UK for tour dates that extend through April 10, Wolf Alice visits a number of cities in the US, including San Francisco. On May 14, the band will be at The Independent. Tickets will be available for a mere $15 at CLICK HERE.
      “Giant Peach” by Wolf Alice

     “Heavenl Creatures” by Wolf Alice 

     “We're Not the Same” by Wolf Alice

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