Monday, March 9, 2015

The NPR Offer - 100 Free Songs

     100 free songs! Yes, NPR selected 100 songs from submissions by bands heading to SXSW. The songs may be downloaded individually or collectively. But the free offer expires on April 2.
      A variety of genres are represented among the 100 songs. The website is

     Some of the songs were featured in previous posts of Indie Obsessive. We are fans of “Falling” by Howard and “I Like Not Knowing” by Fatherson. And if you enjoy Orchestra Rock, anything by The Family Crest comes highly recommended.
Embedded below are additional recommendations.

     “Sedona” by Houndmouth 

Houndmouth's "Sedona" from Naomi Yang on Vimeo.

     “Go Try” by Wilsen - This song includes vocal and guitaring layering in the final minute.

     “Roll Up Your Sleeves” by Meg Mac - The song finishes strong.

     “Everyone But You” by Field Mouse

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