Tuesday, March 3, 2015

“Where You Are” by Rezlow – A Song Review

     There is no proven track to notoriety for a band, so we aren’t in a position to judge a band’s decisions. With all the streaming capabilities, musicians are forced to make many judgment calls, such as using any or all of Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Noisetrade, Youtube, Pandora...
     Rezlow is an Irish band that has decided to have a minimal presence on Soundcloud, at least so far. The risk with this approach is that the current trend among bloggers is to use Soundcloud, particularly since Hype Machine will help spread the word when the embedded music is in certain formats. On the other hand, fans might be more likely to purchase a song when there are fewer options for streaming the song.
     Perhaps the most recent song by Rezlow will be uploaded to Soundcloud at some point, but for now YouTube is our selection for embedding “Where You Are.” Rezlow takes risks – seven minute songs with long instrumental introductions fight an uphill battle for playtime. However, there are many reasons to be confident that it will receive the attention it deserves. Lists of the top reasons will vary from person to person, but at the top of our list are:
    1. The crescendo at 5:25
    2. The gentle but very effective guitar that starts at 3:11
    3. The piano interlude that starts at 4:11

     Rezlow does not shy away from comparisons to Eddie Veddar of Pearl Jam. During interviews, the band members talk about the influence that the Grunge sound has on their sound. Additionally there is a touch of the band Filter – as the guitar that enters at 0:50 is similar to that in Filter’s hit “Take a Picture.”
    The members of Rezlow are Terry Sutton (vocals), Barry McCarthy (drums), Brendan O’Regan (guitar), Cillian O’Regan (guitar) and  Conor O’Regan (bass). They originate from Kerry and Dublin, Ireland.

     “Face Down“ is from Rezlow’s earlier album, which is available as a free download merely by subscribing to the band's mailing list at http://www.rezlow.com/store#preview

Website: www.rezlow.com

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