Monday, July 27, 2015

BirdPen – A Band Review

     Some bands execute crescendos better than others. BirdPen excels at elongated crescendos. “Alive” is among the tracks on their 2015 album, “In the Company of Imaginary Friends.” The second half of the song has a crescendo that starts at about 2:35 and continues for more than a minute (gaining momentum with help from the drums at 3:32).  Another song on the album is “Lifeline,” which includes a more subtle but even longer energy build.
     “Only the Names Change” was on a previous album, but it is remarkable for its almost full length crescendo. The Soundcloud waveform visually exhibits the audio characteristic.
     BirdPen is a British band formed of Mike Bird (guitar, keyboards) and Dave Pen (vocals, guitar, keyboards). The Facebook page states that they perform with “with Doom brother musical Friends Steve 'Smiley' Barnard, Tim Slade, Mike Breach and The Seagull” (James Livingstone Seagull).

     “Only the Names Change” by BirdPen

     “Alive” by BirdPen

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