Wednesday, July 29, 2015

“Sister of Pearl” by Baio – A Song Review

    Baio is Chris Baio, the bassist of Vampire Weekend. Baio claims the restlessness between tours motives his jumps into solo releases. He tends to align himself with the Dance genre, which is not a strength of Indie Obsessive. However, the latest release, “Sister of Pearl” deserves attention. The song is strong from the start and becomes blogworthy at the 3:08 mark. That is the point at which the three-note vocals collaborate with a guitar hook in an attention-grabbing manner. OK, you’re right the collaboration also occurs earlier in the song. The difference is that in the early occurrence, the three-note vocals have a sequence of low-high-low, while in the later occurrence it starts with that low-high-low sequence and shifts to low-high-higher at 3:38. Well played Baio.

     Depending on your source, Baio either lives in London or Bronxville, New York. Likely, solo artist Baio is based in London, while Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio is based in New York [he is the Clark Kent of bass players]. Baio will attend the 2015 Treasure Island Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area in October. An album is due in September 2015. 

     “Sister of Pearl” by Baio


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