Friday, July 31, 2015

“Kryptonite” (Ah Yeahh Remix) – A Song Review

     This blog normally stays clear of remixes, since other blogs are more skilled at selecting and discussing remixes. “Kryptonite” by DJ Ah Yeahh is the exception. Why? Well, because it properly balances the contributions of the remix artist with respectful treatment of the original work.
     The beginning segment of “Kryptonite” is the work of DJ Ah Yeahh. It ends with a short lull (starting at 1:06). The 3 Doors Down song then enters and while it is undeniably a remix, the skills of the original artist are not pushed to the back of the stage. In fact, starting at 3:14, it’s DJ Ah Yeahh who temporarily moves to the side by contributing beats but nothing more. Toward the end of “Kryptonite,” 3 Doors Down takes its turn as the artist that steps aside. Again, the song has a proper balance between the contributing artists (using our definition of "proper balance").
     DJ Ah Yeahh is currently based in New York, after moving from Italy at the age of 14.

     “Kryptonite” (Ah Yeahh Remix)

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