Sunday, July 26, 2015

Colour the Atlas – A Band Review

     To Colour the Atlas and their representatives, we apologize. To fellow music lovers, we caution against making the same mistake we did. Indie Obsessive received a number of email invitations to review songs and videos of the band (You can lead a horse to water…), and we were too hurried to fully appreciate the music (…,but you can’t force it to drink).
     Yesterday, that changed. The realization began with the song “Scared.” The harmonization of female and male voices is the feature that stands out. The harmonization enters after a short intro and is present through most of the song. Toward the end of the song (starting around the three-minute mark), the vocals cooperate with the instruments in a crescendo.
     Attention then went to the song “Come Alive.” Surprisingly, we enjoyed the song as much as “Scared,” but for different reasons. It’s the guitar in “Come Alive” that first attracts and then holds the interest of the listener. The percussion sometimes establishes a pace and energy unmatched by either the guitar or the vocals, which is interesting as well.
     The most recent Soundcloud upload of Colour the Atlas is “I’ll Be Your Lover.” The band identifies its genre as “Alternative Trip-Hop.” It’s this song that best exhibits the percussion that characterizes the genre.  

      The members of Colour the Atlas are Jess Hall (vocals, keys), Alex Stone (guitar, vocals), Andy Vincent (bass) and Stefan Pysanczyn (drums). Their press release states that they are all aged 21 and have been a band since they were in their mid-teens. Colour the Atlas is based in Swindon, UK.
      “Scared” by Colour the Atlas 

     “Come Alive” by Colour the Atlas

     “I’ll Be Your Lover" by Colour the Atlas

Quoting the press release for Colour the Atlas:
“Amethyst” is the new EP from Colour The Atlas, released 29th June via. Hi Tone Music [U.S. release is in September]. Recorded at Lighterthief studios in their hometown of Swindon with producer Stuart Rowe, ‘Amethyst’ displays a band growing in confidence, depth and maturity. Lead track “Scared” features additional production by Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, James Bay), who became a huge fan of the band after working with them on the NCS charity single “Come Together” last year.

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