Tuesday, July 21, 2015

“With You Tonight” by Summer Moon – A Song Review

     Count Indie Obsessive among the fans of supergroups. The latest is Summer Moon, which is formed of four members from three bands. The band members are Nikolai Fraiture (Strokes), Tennessee Thomas (Like), Erika Spring and Lewis Lazar (both from Au Revoir Simone).
     If you’re looking for a song that brings meaning to your life, “With You Tonight” is not it. The first ten seconds yell “LCD Soundsystem,” and then an infectious guitar lick enters to carry a listener through the song. The song is all of light, infectious and musically consistent. Fittingly, the song ends with a melodic chant that includes the phrase “the beat goes on.”
     With You Tonight” has been used in a jeans advertisement, which is embedded in this post.  

     “With You Tonight” by Summer Moon

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