Saturday, July 25, 2015

Outside Lands 2015 Preparation – The Friday Bands

        The first day of the 2015 Outside Lands Festival is Friday August 7. The motivation behind the post was to provide an incentive in organizing our thoughts and attendance strategy. We hope it helps others.
 1. The Panhandle stage has the weakest sound system of the four stages, but it provides the best opportunity to be close to the performers. No one camps at this stage for the day.
 2. More than the grounds of the other festivals we have attended, Golden Gate includes bottlenecks when traveling between stages. If you need to be somewhere at a particular time, anticipate delays.
 3. Friday is the day with the smallest crowd; Saturday is the most crowded.
 4. Most years, nights are cool. Pack accordingly.

The post for the Saturday performances is available by CLICKING HERE.
The post for the Sunday performances is available by CLICKING HERE.

     Friday includes attractions for festival-goers, regardless of genre preference. The day includes:
   1. Orchestral Rock - The Family Crest
   2. Soul - Leon Bridges
   3. A collection of Electronica - Such as Chet Faker and Porter Robinson
   4. Folk - First Aid Kit (sisters from Sweden)
   5. Electropop - Broods (brother and sister from New Zealand)
   6. High profile - Mumford & Sons
   7. Rock - Wilco
   8. Performance specialists - St. Vincent

     Below is a Soundcloud playlist of songs organized on the basis of start times on Friday. This post also includes live performances songs that cannot be found on Soundcloud.
     This playlist currently includes 30 songs, but we may add to the list as the festival approaches. 

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