Monday, July 6, 2015

Empire Circus in Dublin – A Concert Review

     While vacationing in Ireland, we took advantage of an opportunity to see Empire Circus at Whelan’s in Dublin. Using terms that are popular in Ireland, the experience was both grand and magic. The brevity of this review is not a reflection on the quality of the band or the venue - with vacation comes brevity.
The setlist at Whelan's
     It’s always a good sign when a band puts thought into their start. The performance of Empire Circus began with the duo percussion of frontman Neil Eurelle and drummer Brian Ellis. It was a kickstart for the energy that characterized most of their eighteen-song setlist (plus the encore song). The two were soon joined by Alan Doyle (guitar, vocals), with David Walsh (guitar, keyboards) completing the band a short time later.
     The band members are all strong in their performance with their instrument (or instruments). But clearly vocals are the strength of Empire Circus. Doyle is equally adept in both a lower and upper register. Eurelle has the ability to stay on pitch through extended power vocalization, while Ellis and Walsh provided high quality backing vocals.
      “There Is a Light”

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