Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Outside Lands 2015 Preparation – The Saturday Bands

     This post is dedicated to the bands scheduled for the second day of the 2015 Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco, which occurs on Saturday August 8.
   The post for the Friday performances is available by CLICKING HERE
   The post for the Sunday performances is available by CLICKING HERE.

     If you are a fan of Electronica, Saturday will be a good day for you. Better yet, if your preference is a combination of Electronica and Rap/Hip Hop, this will be one of the better days in the festival’s history. Other genres are represented, including the Pop of Waters and Misterwives, the old-school Rock of Billy Idol, and the Garage Rock of Black Keys. Still, the “Trio of S” (Synthesizer, Sampler and Sequencer) will carry the day.
     We admit to preferring the Friday and Sunday schedules, but that's a result of genre bias.

     Below is a Soundcloud playlist of songs organized on the basis of start times on Saturday. The playlist currently includes 30 songs, but we may add to the list as the festival approaches. Some live performances of songs are also embedded below.

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