Saturday, July 18, 2015

Masakichi – A Band Review

     Masakichi has a small but powerful presence on Soundcloud. Currently, there are two songs, “Spring” and “Hummingbird.” Both songs feature thunderous percussion, a heavy dose of wall-of-sound shoegaze guitar, and strong female vocals. Particularly in “Spring,” the percussion, guitar and vocals seemingly divide the times within the spotlight, but there are occurrences of the three being equally forceful. “Hummingbird” begins quietly and has lyrics (“Try to hold the wings of the hummingbird...”) that aren’t intimidating, but it is another song that should find favor with fans of percussion and fuzzed guitar.

     The Facebook page of Masakichi lists five band members, although most pictures show only three. The five names are Hannah Cartwright (vocals), Reuben Gotto (guitar), Hattie Williams (bass, vocals), Benny Calvert (drums) and Steve Durham (drums). The band will release a mini-album (seven tracks) on September 18. “Hummingbird” will be the name of the mini-album.  

     “Spring” by Masakichi

     “Hummingbird" by Masakichi

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