Thursday, March 10, 2016

“Lesson No. 7” by Clock Opera - Throw Back Thursday

    News of the approaching release date of Clock Opera’s second album triggered a reminder of the earlier material from the London band. In particular, “Lesson No. 7” was revisited. The song is almost four years old, so it qualifies as a throwback in the universe of music blogs.
     “Lesson No. 7” is an energy infusion. The song begins modestly, with vocal support that is merely a riff and then periodic drum kicks. In the middle portion, the energy intensity increases. The falsetto fits well with the instrumental contribution. But it’s the final portion that is special. The execution of the wall of sound instrumental approach is to be admired.

     Clock Opera has undergone a one-member change since the release of “Lesson No. 7.” The current members are Guy Connelly (vocals, guitar, bass, piano, synths), Andrew West (guitar, bass, synths) and Che Albrighton (drums, synths). Note: Some sources identify Nic Nell as a member, rather than Andrew West.
     “Lesson No. 7” by Clock Opera

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