Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Night Talks—They’re coming to The Mint!

By Rebecca Gross; Twitter: @becsgross

     Based in LA, Night Talks is the next up and coming band to watch. Although the group has been playing music together since they were 13, they are truly developing into a beautiful alt-rock sound we need more of in the synth pop revival era.
    Taking full advantage of classic rock instruments, the group is composed of Soraya Sebghati on vocals, Jacob Butler on guitar, Josh Arteaga on bass, and Cris Arteaga on drums. Unlike many groups that merely borrow from progressive rock and classic alt-rock, this group is female fronted, which partially explains the unique sound of Night Talks. Sebghati’s strong and powerful vocals, combined with well trained and detailed instrumentals, are what separate Night Talks from other bands in the same scene.
     Night Talks does not subscribe to one genre: You’ll find intonations of progressive rock mixed with more alternative, indie, and beach rock elements. This is exemplified in one song, “4X4,” in which the band begins with an Indie drumbeat, light guitar, and happy melodic singing. Before the end of the song, the band’s sound becomes much more chaotic, in a really positive way, as a result of intense vocals and darker lyrics.
     Although their sound is unlike any other, I would compare the group’s vibe to a sound reminiscent of The Strokes combined with The Arctic Monkeys and combined with Beach House.

     If you’d be interested in hearing this amalgamation of acoustics, then Night Talks is most definitely for you. So come out and see Night Talks on March 26th at The Mint in Los Angeles—you won’t regret what is bound to be an awesome night full of great music.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NightTalksTheBand/

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