Friday, March 25, 2016

“Spools” by TUFT – A Song Review

     The predominant thought during the first few plays of “Spools” by TUFT was that the vocalization was exceptionally arranged and executed. Then, the thinking moved to a question – Can they do this in a concert setting? The answer is that TUFT can! A “Jam in the Van” performance of the song is embedded at the bottom of this post.
     In concert, the horns will be missing. In another track (“What I Am Doing”), TUFT is assisted by the Franklinton High School Jazz Ensemble. We assume the high school musicians also assisted in “Spools.” While the horns are appreciated in “Spools,” the vocalization is sufficient reason to catch a concert performance. TUFT will visit the El Rio in San Francisco on April 4 and Church House in Santa Cruz on April 5.
     The members of the Los Angeles band are Casey Trela (guitar), Roxy Radulescu (guitar), Kevin Manwarren (bass) and Chris Dunn (drums). TUFT was prevoulsly names Hi Ho Silver Oh.
     TUFT is scheduled to release its debut LP on April 8. The tracks on the “Look Look” LP will be:
1. "Constant"
2. "What I Am Doing"
3. "Sheep"
4. "Stills"
5. "Look Look"
6. "Spools"
7. "No Wonders"
8. "Lanyards"
9. "VCVC"
10. "Nothing"

     “Spools” by TUFT

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