Tuesday, March 8, 2016

“Plant the Seed” by Slow Readers Club – A Song Review

     A friend pointed us in the direction of yet another song we underappreciated or flat out missed (Thanks Clark). About four months ago, The Slow Readers Club uploaded “Plant the Seed” to Soundcloud. The track is one of twelve from the “Cavalcade” album.
     The intro of “Plant the Seed” is not the type that will immediately grab the attention of most listeners. It’s an attractive keys-and-drums combination, but a relatively simple one. The vocals enter seventeen seconds into the song. The vocals steer the song, although the guitar hooks certainly pull their weight. The first few notes of the vocals seem displaced from Temper Traps’ “Sweet Disposition,” but The Slow Readers Club quickly head in a direction unexplored by Temper Trap.

     The Slow Readers Club is based in Manchester, UK. Their genre is Electronic, but on the side of Dark Electro Pop. They have been justly compared to the better material of New Order, or perhaps Depeche Mode. The members are Aaron Starkie (vocals, keyboard), Kurtis Starkie (vocals, guitar), James Ryan (bass), and David Whitworth (drums). 
     “Plant the Seed” by Slow Readers Club

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