Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Songs from the Desktop – March 2016

     There are those times when songs are purchased, enjoyed for a number of weeks, and then undeservedly neglected. But sitting in an airplane for hours provides motivation to “click” desktop icons that were going unnoticed. Here are two songs that should have been posted nearly nine months ago.

     “Why Let It Go” successfully folds Blues/Funk into a Reggae rhythm. The bass line initially establishes the feel of the song, but the final minute is controlled by a horn section.
     The song belongs to Telegraph Canyon, a band based in Fort Worth, Texas. The members are Christopher Johnson, Bobby Zanzucchi, Austin Green, Chuck Brown, Olivia Bruce, Tamara Cauble Brown, and Erik Wolfe.
     “Why Let It Go” by Telegraph Canyon

     Mozaics is a band located in Jersey Channel Islands, UK. The members are Christian Silver, Chris Nutter, Craig Farrell, and Rich Oxley. “Rise” is a Pop/Rock track with an attractive cooperation of vocals and percussion.
     “Rise” by Mozaics

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