Tuesday, October 4, 2016

“Balboa Bridge” by Communist Daughter – A Song Review

     Starting in 1990, the first full week of October has been Mental Illness Awareness Week. So, it’s fitting that the song “Balboa Bridge” was released this week. The song was named after a San Diego bridge that was once referred to as “suicide bridge.” The frontman of Communist Daughter, John Solomon, is open about his difficulties with addiction and, similar to other artists, uses his experiences as backdrops for his art. “Balboa Bridge” provides harmonized insights.

     Communist Daughter is a band in St. Paul, Minnesota. The members are John and his wife Molly Solomon, Adam Switlick (bass), Steven Yasgar (drums), Al Weirs (guitar), and Dillon Marchus (keys).
     “Balboa Bridge” by Communist Daughter

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