Tuesday, October 18, 2016

“The Phantom” by decker. – A Song Review

     In a striking flow of dissimilar temperaments and tempos, “The Phantom” takes the listener along a six-minute journey through angst and petition.
     During the first few seconds of “The Phantom,” the guitar and percussion create a Johnny Cash-like atmosphere. But the vocalization tone and style enter from a different direction. The first portion of the song sets the stage for the indignation of the second portion, which begins at 1:08. That second portion is extremely effective in its use of an A-B-A format of vocals, instrumental, vocals. Then at 3:41, “The Phantom” heads downtempo into the pleading stage of the journey – “Your secret, so safe with me; please leave me here.”

     decker. is Brandon Decker in Sedona, Arizona. We don’t know if he will be accompanied by a band, but decker. has a number of concerts on his schedule. The dates are available at Concert Calendar and include a  November 18, 2016 stop at Amnesia in San Francisco. 
     “The Phantom” by decker.

  T-TOWN SESSIONS presents decker. - Recorded at Saint Cecilia Studios with Cloud Microphones, Tucson, Arizona.
  Brandon Decker (vocals, guitar), Amber Johnson (keyboards, backup vocals), Andrew Bates (bass), and Nick Ramirez (drums).

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