Monday, October 10, 2016

“Where Have You Been?” by Giant Party – A Song Review

     In their Soundcloud debut, Giant Party begins with upper octave vocals, but periodically asks the question in a voice reminiscent of a jealous “significant other” or a parent during a past-curfew interrogation – “Where Have You Been?” The pace is reminiscent of a purposeful but plodding movement toward a destination that isn’t apparent to onlookers.
     Instrumentally, the standout feature is the higher frequency guitar. Perhaps the best example is heard starting at 3:21. And “Where Have You Been?” incorporates some interesting non-melodic vocals. At the start and end, there are background discussions. Is it a wedding reception, or a recording of fans at a music venue? Then, the song takes a short break at 4:04 to feature what sounds like heavy breathing by a female.

     Giant Party is a four-piece band based in London.


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