Thursday, October 6, 2016

“Nothin’” by North Downs – A Song Review

     The trumpeting in “Nothin’” bears no relationship to the instrument. Instead, it’s a description of well-timed musical tones that have the sound of elephant trumpeting. It is first heard 27 seconds into the song. We assume they are synth generated.  But the attractiveness of “Nothin’” is not limited to one aspect. The variations of inflection in the vocals maintain the interest of the listener, the changes in tempo are somehow both pronounced and seamless, and we particularly enjoy the guitar picking that begins at 3:10 to a rhythm suitable for side-step dancing skeletons.

     “Nothin’” is the first release from North Downs. Very little is discoverable about the band, so we’ll quote the email submission:
  “Rising from mysterious origins within the UK, a new act named North Downs saunters into the realms of artful electronica in their debut offering, Nothin’.
  The track offers a meandering soundscape of haunting atmospheres & menacing guitar tones in a recording that defies genre and goes straight to impact. This new act plans to excite more so with each song they reveal, and are certainly ones to keep an eye out for in 2017, both on recording & within their live set-up.
     “Nothin’” by North Downs

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