Sunday, October 30, 2016

Two Halloween-Relevant Song Titles - FOXKEEPER and Berlin Bar Hounds

     “Haunted Houses” arrives with guitar ablaze. The guitar soon takes a backseat to the vocals and percussion, but periodically reoccupies the drivers’ seat. The song arrangement and production are masterful in their design and manipulation of the elements of “Haunted Houses.”
     The song by FOXKEEPER will be one of five tracks on the upcoming EP, “The Beach Dream.” The EP is scheduled for release in December 2016. FOXKEEPER is the performance name of Andy Feller, who is based in Nashville after relocating from Tampa, Florida. 
     According to FOXKEEPER,
  "We all seem to go through dark times, but it can make such a big difference when you have someone shining a light. Sometimes it's hard to understand why we’re going through situations and it’s almost as if we have to fake our way through it, telling ourselves we’re fine, disregarding our own feelings just to not feel destroyed. We try like hell to get through it. In life at times we seem to be at battle with some type of evil, a haunting evil. But, more importantly -when we’re ready, we have the power to overcome it with a greater good."
      “Haunted Houses” by FOXKEEPER

     Berlin Bar Hounds is Bjorn Borg from Central Coast, Australia. His Halloween-appropriate song title is “Skeleton.”

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