Monday, October 24, 2016

Goodblood and Little Children – Male/Female Vocalization

     Today’s post features two songs with a combination of male and female vocals. The two vocal contributions aren’t equal, but both are fundamental to the sound. The songs reflect opposite sides of a relationship. “Knockin’ At My Door” has a gentle optimism, as it reflects on the life changes arriving with the relationship. The song contrasts the hopelessness experienced before the meeting with the hopefulness afterward.
      “(we used to feel) Higher” is in a different space. The relationship is far from its peak. But it is not a lost cause. 

          Goodblood is a duo from Columbus, Ohio. They are Jason Turner and Tyler Earnest.
“Knockin’ At My Door” by Goodblood – The song is primarily acoustic, with a nonintrusive electric guitar making a presence. 


     Little Children is Linus Lutti in Stockholm, Sweden – “(we used to feel) Higher.” Linus Lutti, Andreas Söderström, and Nanna Brickaman.

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