Sunday, October 23, 2016

“Silver” by Matthew and Me – A Song Review

     Each release from Matthew and Me reminds us of music from Yes during its heyday (1968-1978). Matthew and Me hasn’t taken the Yes sound, or even borrowed it. There are fundamental differences between the music of the two bands. Still, we are fans of both partially because we enjoy characteristics they share.
     In the track “Silver,” the vocal strength and range are among the “shared characteristics.” Instrumentally, it’s the guitar work beginning at 2:28 that bears the closest resemblance to Yes.
     At first, we thought the abrupt ending of “Silver” was odd, but soon realized the end of “Silver” is the start of the track “Figure.” When played consecutively, there is a seamless flow from one song into the next. Matthew and Me are based in Totnes, UK. The core members are Matthew Board (vocals) and Lucy Fawcett (drums). “Silver” and "Figure" will be the first two tracks on the EP "Startpoint," due for release on November 18th via Beatnik Creative.
     “Silver” by Matthew and Me

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