Monday, October 31, 2016

“You Don’t Know Me” by The Cave Singers – A Song Review

     Admittedly, we don’t understand why most repetitive instruments quickly becomes tiresome, but there are rare exceptions in which the repetitiveness is one of the favorite features of the song. It has to be more than the sequence of notes. In “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem, the repetitive piano isn’t even a sequence; it’s the same chord played periodically. The song would not be nearly as interesting if the repetition were eliminated. Why does our short-attention-span listening tolerate this?
     Another entry to the short list of exceptions was made when we heard “You Don’t Know Me” by The Cave Singers. The guitar plays a simple, slow-tempo hook that is present for the entire song. It is as attractive at the end of the song as it was three minutes earlier. It’s one of our favorite features, but the song is not dependent upon the hook. The male vocals have a roughness that is ideal for “You Don’t Know Me” and contrast favorably with the purity of the female vocals entering just before the two-minute mark. The Cave Singers will play in San Francisco on November 3 (Thursday) and in Santa Cruz on November 4. The trio does not include a female, so the vocal contrast will be missing. But the other song features will travel with the band. [For tickets information about the San Francisco performance at Rickshaw Stop, CLICK HERE.]
     The Cave Singers are based in Seattle. The band members are vocalist/songwriter Pete Quirk, guitarist Derek Fudesco, and drummer Marty Lund (and sometimes Morgan Henderson).

     “You Don’t Know Me” by The Cave Singers

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  1. Many of their songs feature repitition to outstanding success. The rough vocals are always awesome and the band just meshes perfectly. Do not miss these guys when they come down in the cut...