Monday, February 20, 2017

“Ceasefire” by Only the Poets – A Song Review

     In just the first minute of “Ceasefire,” it becomes less confusing to understand how a song’s complexity can be housed within its simplicity. The first minute of the debut single from Only the Poets guides the listener through three interrelated but dissimilar perspectives; and it’s accomplished with an acoustic guitar and a vocalist. The first perspective is one in which the picture of the couple’s relationship is poetically painted to the accompaniment of the repetitive yet engaging guitar. It is a bleak picture in which dreams slipped away, on-board lying warm in their graves, under ruble. At the 0:36 mark, the instrumental support become gentler and the lyrics become resolute, “…we can’t win this war.” This second perspective leads into the third with the half sentence, “But from here until the door…” In the third perspective, other musical elements enter as the call is made for a “ceasefire.” We particularly enjoy the piano and the timing of backing vocals. There is even a hint of a cello in the background.
      “Ceasefire” cycles through the perspectives, but each cycle is different. For example, the last call for the ceasefire is more emphatic than the previous calls. And before that final call, where did the choir come from (2:46)? 

     Only the Poets originate from Reading/London, UK. The members are Tom Longhurst, Jules Konieczny, Andy Burge, and Charlie Brown
     “Ceasefire” by Only the Poets 

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