Tuesday, February 14, 2017

“End of Time” by Army of Bones – A Song Review

     The band has experienced a membership change, but “End of Time” doesn’t show a reduction in strength. Army of Bones still includes Martin Smith (vocals, guitar), Jonny Bird (guitar), and Reuben Harsant (drums). What happened to Sarah Bird? And did Steve Evans replace Henry Marsden on bass, or was our previous information flawed?
     The backstories may be interesting, but what is most important is that the sound of the Brighton-based band remains. The energy of “End of Time” is varied, which aids in maintaining the attention of listeners. The vocals have the determination of an anthem, although the message of one of devotion (“I love you ‘til the end of time… ‘til the sun goes down.”). The guitars are fearless.

     “End of Time” will be on the debut album of Army of Bones. The album release date is March 3.

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