Thursday, February 9, 2017

“Signs” by Embers – A Song Review

     “Signs” has a richness that is atypical in an era in which bands are urged to deliver quickly and without the advantage of a full-purpose recording studio. The instruments are layered, but remain impactful during times in which its merely the guitar supporting vocals (around the one-minute mark) or the guitar with an almost minimalistic synth (the 2:55 mark).
     The video of “Signs” joins the Soundcloud stream in this post, since the video provides a better appreciation of the instruments. The song is one-half of a double A-side release available for download on March 13. The other song will be “Unbound.”

     Embers is a band from Manchester, UK. The members are Steven McInerney (guitar), George Agan (vocals, guitar), Will Clutton (bass, keys), and Nathan Howard (percussion).
     “Signs” by Embers

     “Part of the Echoes” by Embers was recorded at Gorton Monastery in Manchester. We are reasonable sure that the additional contributors are Sophie Galpin, Lins Wilson, Ellie Westbrook, Hannah Ashman, and Gorton Monastery.

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