Thursday, February 23, 2017

“Who’s Gonna Save Us Now” by Crystal Cities – A Song Review

     A number of emotions come into play when a band you already follow releases a new single that is a step above their previous work. There’s an excitement about the possibility of finding a song that will take long-term residence on your go-to playlist. And a hopefulness that the fan base of the band will grow. And an anticipation of the upcoming releases from the band. In today’s case, the wait will be short, since Crystal Cities will drop a 6-track EP next week (March 3).

     “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now” is the title track of the EP. The song is riff-powered along a path of interconnected ear-pleasing features. The vocals are soft and questioning, yet determined. The guitar work is processed, particularly within some areas along the journey, but the sound remains “clean.” At 2:26, “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now” temporally descends into a dream state, which is consistent with Crystal Cities’ description of themselves as Dream Rockers.

     The members of Crystal Cites are Geoff Rana (vocals, guitars), Jared King (bass, backing vocals), and Daniel Conte (drums). “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now” can be streamed via Soundcloud, but won’t go live on Spotify and similar platforms until the EP drops on March 3. 

Quoting Crystal Cities Facebook page:
We spent a year in our mate's garage writing and recording some tracks. It got pretty dreamy (and sweaty)... and we're digging it... it's good to finally be out and giving you these tunes.

We'll be dropping our debut E.P. in March. It's called "Who's Gonna Save Us Now". This is also the title of the lead single (cause ya gotta have a single ya know...). Feels good to open the garage door and set these tracks free into the world and into ya ear holes.

Crystal Cities

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