Monday, February 27, 2017

“Insincere” by Glaciers – A Song Review and EP Preview

     In music, the term “reinvented” is applied to a band or solo performer after a significant change in their characteristic sound or their musical direction. Most often, the term is reserved for approvals of the change. In 1965, Bob Dylan gravitated from an acoustic performer to the electric guitar. Positive reviews said that Dylan reinvented himself, while negative reviews used terms along the lines of “Judas” and “electrocution.” Thirty-five years later, Radiohead avoided predictability by reinventing itself with the release of “Kid A.”
      It’s not often that a band moving toward the release of its debut EP can be described as having reinvented itself. But based upon the single “Insincere,” applying the term to Glaciers is appropriate. Band member Brad Dorey proudly claims:
  “We finished recording our debut EP in late December. It’s a record that I think will help define us artistically, after a year of writing and developing our identity as a band and figuring out who we are.”

     “Insincere” is dynamic. The instrument that drives the song varies as the song progresses. After a five-second percussion intro, a guitar hook is layered atop an eerie synth to lay the foundation for the vocals. The shifts of the vocals through different ranges (including falsetto) become the centerpiece, until the instruments head to a lower-frequency bridge at the 1:16 mark. Later, “Insincere” jumps into and then out of classic Rock guitar.
     The energy level of “Insincere” is similarly dynamic, which is most evident during the final forty seconds of the song. Still, the best transition occurs at the 4:00 mark, as the texture of the single approaches its peak.

     Glaciers is a UK band comprised of Brad Dorey (vocals, guitars, synth), Ryan Wilson (guitars, keys), Ben Ysselmuiden (bass, keys, vocals), and Sam West (drums). Their EP is scheduled to drop in April. 
     “Insincere” by Glaciers

      Quoting information posted by Glaciers:
  "South-coast based art rock quartet to return with previously unreleased single ‘Insincere’ to kick off campaign to promote their forthcoming debut EP (coming this April).
  'Insincere' is an emotionally driven, atmospheric rock song that experiments with dramatic dynamic changes and soaring vocal melodies. It’ll introduce listeners to a side of the band they may not have heard before & channels influences such as Daughter & Radiohead, with a hint of Jeff Buckley. Sticking to their roots and their love for organic sounds, the self-produced track was recorded live and analogue last April, overdubbing just the vocals and auxiliary instruments."

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