Monday, February 13, 2017

“Mr. Hesitance” by Imaginary People – A Song Review

     The song attribute that is most effective in grabbing our attention is strong vocalization. Insightful, poetic lyrics also reel us in easily. But in today’s featured song, the guitars drive the attraction. “Mr. Hesitance” is similar to “Green Grass and High Tides,” the 1975 classic by The Outlaws. For both songs, the vocals and lyrics are interesting, but the tracks would suffer if the guitar work were not as well arranged and executed.
     “Mr. Hesitance” is a track from Imaginary People. The vibrato in the vocals is attractive. The lyrics are political, something about a politician who wants to build some wall. But the song isn’t blogworthy until around 1:13, with the first taste of interplay among frequency-distinct guitars. That first taste is fleeting. It returns for a longer stay during the instrumental bridge (2:05) and is controlling during the final minute of Mr. Hesitance.

      Imaginary People is a New York band comprised of Dylan Von Wagner (vocals), Mark Roth (guitar), Justin Repasky (keys), Kolby Wade (drums) and Bryan Percivall (bass). “Mr. Hesitance” will be a track on the April 2017 release of their sophomore album, “October Alice.”
      “Mr. Hesitance” by Imaginary People 

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