Thursday, July 20, 2017

“Altar Ego” by Cardinal Harbor – A Song Review

     The Indie universe allows second chances. We missed the brilliance of “Altar Ego” when it was released in 2016. The song adeptly floats through passages that vary to degrees that the assembly would sound “kludgey” if they were less expertly arranged and performed. “Altar Ego” begins with sonic harmonization, turns soothingly melodic at 0:40, becomes troubling at 3:00, and concludes orchestrally.
     We missed the 2016 stop of “Altar Ego,” but yesterday Cardinal Harbor sent an invitation (via SubmitHub) to feature the song in a post. Thank you.

     Cardinal Harbor is based in Chicago, Illinois. The members are Spencer McCreary (vocals, guitars, violin), Chris Hills (bass, guitars, DJ), Joel Stapleton (keys), Scott Carrick (saxophones), Mark Andersen (drums, percussion), and Taylor Dalton (guitars). 
     Quoting their SubmitHub invitation:
 "Midwest prog rock group Cardinal Harbor aims to redefine the Scene with hymnal melodies, odd meter, and complexity heard perhaps only in a symphony hall. Their album, 'Euclid,' is about a certain time and a certain place, a place gone now; it's a time capsule of sorts. In it, you'll hear green, overgrown suburban patios and wax covered antiquities." 

      “Altar Ego” by Cardinal Harbor 

Lyrics of “Altar Ego” by Cardinal Harbor
Come, my Father come,
To the break in the bricks of you hallowed place
And how it tastes.
Are you there?
Are you weary of my heart?
Resolutions there for me, I'm gonna start.

At night I will know in revelry,
And by day I'll recall in reverie.
As we yawned ourselves to shit, by the pulpit.
Resolutions there for me, don't punch my shoulder.

Come, my Father come,
To the break in the bricks of this hallowed place
And how it tastes.
That farm ballad on my desk is casting flame,
Resolutions they're for me.
I'm gonna stay, as you held all of hell and dying pain.
I'm your eyes and I'm your blame.

Gone, is the war cash, like a lark.
Crowned and cradled you fasten arson, it's gonna mark.
Oh, You're there.
Fair and feathered on the lake,
Ranging light through the pines I'm gonna take.

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