Monday, July 10, 2017

“Fire Starter” by deelanZ – A Song Premiere

     “Fire Starter” is a call to wake up, a fire of positivity that you can't put out!

  That’s the self-explanation for the inspiration behind “Fire Starter.” The song leaves the blocks at a full sprint and maintains an emphasis on energy while remaining dynamic. Starting at 1:40, a bridge takes us downtempo for a short time, but the return leads to perhaps the most attractive feature of the song, namely a 1970s-style guitar that kicks in at 2:23. The track concludes with a somewhat sinister ten-second outro.

     “Fire Starter” is the first single from the upcoming EP release of deelanZ. The EP will be self-titled and will drop this September  2017 via SLCK Records. Dylan Lewman, the frontman of deelanZ, describes SLCK Records as “a Salt Lake City independent for artists by artists … that some friends and I started after getting inspired by the epic amount of talented musicians I began to see perform when I moved to Utah...”

     deelanZ is Dylan Lewman (vocals), Ray Wanninger (guitar), and Matt Wilson (drums) from Salt Lake City, Utah. 

     Below are the lyrics and three alternatives to streaming "Fire Starter" by deelanZ. Our attitude is (a) Soundcloud is the easiest, (b) YouTube adds visual stimuli, and (c) Spotify sends money to the artist - we prefer seeing artists receive payment for their work!

Lyrics of “Fire Starter” by deelanZ
And here’s the thing, I never like to give out much
And here’s the thing, I never like to give out much
And here’s the thing, I never like to give out much
But, much don’t cost you nothing if you give it out enough

Where do we go, where do we go right now?
Where do we go, now that we've been around
Tell the people, there’s a new guy in town
He’s a fire starter baby one you can't put out

I walk around, I take it all in
I'm like a fucking sponge, better clean up your shit
So nod if you hear me now, or there’s no point in this
I wont speak up on deaf ears baby

[Repeat Chorus]

To all my people, all my sheeple
all my sheeple, watch you sleep on
Where’s your head at, where’s your head at?
Where have you gone, are you lost?
I'm sitting here on fire
Sending smoke signs out

[Repeat Chorus]

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