Wednesday, July 5, 2017

“Lion’s Mouth” by Bright November – A Song Review

      Carried in on the shoulders of guitar splendor and vocal richness, Bright November released a second single from their upcoming LP, which will be entitled “In This Together.” "Lion's Mouth" is consistently strong, but the start and finish are particularly noteworthy. During the first 35 seconds, the tone is set, both lyrically and melodically:
My thoughts are poisoning me
With every breath I take
They are closing in with every word I said
Running in circles
It was me who chose to rest
My head in a lion’s mouth.”

      Still, it’s the final half minute of “Lion’s Mouth” that establishes Bright November as a band to track. At the 3:00 minute mark, vocal layering is introduced. The lead and backing vocals lyrically diverge to provide a lushness, while the instruments create a textured, ethereal atmosphere, until the song fades.

     Bright November is from Bern, Switzerland. The members are Matthias Guggisberg (lead vocals, guitar synth), Pascal Berger (guitar, synth, backing vocals), Philipp Langenegger (bass, synth, backing vocals), and Matthias Studer (drum). 

      “Lion’s Mouth” by Bright November 

Quoting a portion of Bright November’s biography:
     November is not a month to live in comfort: Due to the cold the world has to discard her beauty and show her vulnerability under a pale light, life vanishes and takes shape of sounds. The four weeks of Bright November are Matthias Guggisberg (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer), Matthias Studer (Drums), Pascal Berger (Guitar, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals) and Philipp Langenegger (Bass, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals).

     Their music is compact under the weight of long dark hours, it is powerful as the light breaching the darkness time and again and it is carrying a message: There is still left a lot of live in us all. While the rhythm section is marching broad-shouldered in the front, the pushing voice covers the flank and clear guitar sounds lighten the way ahead. The catchy and energetic melancholia reels in more and more gigs. And as sure as the cycle of the four seasons: We all will hear more about Bright November in the future.

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